PVs in Bloom

Farming photovoltaic flowers: a new challenge for land valorisation within a strategic eco-sustainable approach to local development

General Project Information

FP7 Programme Acronym: IEE
Project Reference : IEE-07-762

Contract Type: IEE/07/762/si2.499457
Start Date: 2008-10-01

End Date: 2011-10-01
Duration: 36 months

Project Status: Execution
Project Acronym: PVs IN BLOOM

Budget: 1.435.936 €
(LUT- 149.382 €)

Person responsible:
Prof. Jan Marian OLCHOWIK (LUT)

Project Description
Scientific objectives and approach:
The proposal of installing small-scale Photovoltaic Panels in rural and non rural land aims at developing awareness and knowledge about the benefits of Photovoltaic Panels Plantations (PVPP) in public and private sectors. The development of solar energy production can re-qualify small and medium marginal or sterile areas through an eco-sustainable strategic approach posing the basis for a widespread energy network. A technical handbook of PAPP will be elaborated together with an administrative manual to make the installation of PAPP easier and faster on a Municipal level in Europe. It will be distributed to the 600 municipalities involved in the proposal. An online guide and a qualified facilitators network belonging to the public administrations (energy agencies and chambers of commerce) will support new Entrepreneurs and public administrations in drawing up the PAPP business plan and on facing other most crucial difficulties that could run into the starting-up of a PAPP.

Coordinator at the LUT:

Lublin University of Technology
Faculty of Fundamentals of Technology
38 Nadbystrzycka Str.
20-618 Lublin, Poland
tel. (+48) 81 53 84 673/541
e-mail: j.olchowik@pollub.pl


  1. Unione Regionalne delle Camere di Commercio Industria, Artigianto e Agrokultura del Reneto (UCV), Venezia – Włochy (coordinator)
  2. Multiss S.p.A. Punto Energia Provinica di Sassari (PEPS), Sassari- Italy
  3. Chambers of Commerce Development Company of Central Macedonia (EKEM), Veria- Greece
  4. Municipal Development Company of Milies (AEM), Milies – Greece
  5. University Jaen (UJA), Jaen – Spain
  6. Camara Oficial de Comercio (COCINV), Valencia – Spain
  7. Lublin University of Technology, Lublin – Poland
  8. Innovations Region Styria (IR Styria), Graz – Austria
  9. Camera di Commercio Italo-Slovacca (C.C.I.S.), Bratislava –Slovac Republic