Sterilization of Variety of Materials, Biomedical and Food Production Equipment Using Low Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Combined with Advanced Oxidation Processes

General Project Information

FP7 Programme Acronym: Marie Curie IRG
Project Reference : FP7-PEOPLE-2009-RG

Contract Type: : PIRG05-GA-2009-249257
Start Date: 2010-02

End Date: 2014-02
Duration: 48 months

Project Status: Execution
Project Acronym:

Budget: 100 000 €

Co-financing of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 250 620 PLN

Person responsible:
Prof. Henryka Danuta STRYCZEWSKA

Project Description
The compact, portable, low-temperature gas discharge plasma device for cold sterilization of various heat-sensitive surfaces and materials is proposed. The main reactor will be atmospheric-pressure plasma jet (APPJ). The features of the sterilizer will be as follows: - ability to work at the atmospheric pressure in several gas flow, frequency and current- voltage regimes, - application of various substrate gases: oxygen, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and discharge stabilizing additives (argon, helium, tetrafluoromethane, ketone, methane), - flexibility and multiapplicability due to the exchangeable sub-units of the device: various sized and shaped tips, nozzles for gas, vapor, liquid spray and foam, which could be further combined with UV lamp (Advanced Oxidation Processes, AOP). Through the combination of various decontamination techniques we hope to achieve 3D treatment effect instead only surface treatment achieves in most APPJ treatment technologies so far. Device will be used for inactivation of pathogens in plasmonic and biofilm form. Influence of the plasma treatment on the denaturing of materials (paper, plastics, fabrics, etc.) will be studied. Proposed sterilizer will be tested for preservation of solid food. Efficiency of the plasma- UV- antibacterial coatings will be tested.


Lublin University of Technology
Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies
38A Nadbystrzycka Str.
20-618 Lublin, Poland
tel. (+48) 81 53 84 289