North East Poland Innovation Relay Centre

General Project Information

FP6 Programme Acronym: IRC
Project Reference: NEP IRC 003464

Contract Type: SSA
Start Date: 2004-04

End Date: 2008-03
Duration: 48 months

Project Status: Completed
Project Acronym: NEPIRC

Budget: 508 742 €

Person responsible:
Prof. Stanisław PLASKA (LUT)

Project Description
Scientific objectives and approach:
NEPIRC strategic objective is to provide cost-effective services that promote transnational technology co-operation which responds to specific regional needs. NEPIRC achieves this strategic objective through 3 operational objectives:
1. Enhancement SMEs competitiveness by supporting trans-national inward technology transfer focused on regional specific technology needs.
2. Identifying exploitable technologies and research in the NEPIRC regions and promoting them in Europe, via partner search cooperation with IRC network.
3. Strengthening regional partners linking them with IRC network to adopt in NEPIRC regions best European practices in providing services related to transnational technology transfer and exploitation of Community RTD results.
The NEPIRC carries out work in synergy with the national and regional support infrastructure including Polish and European IRC network, network of National Contact Point for European Research Programs, EuroInfo Centres as well as agents and organisations, such as universities, research institutes and industrial centres, industrial associations, institutions financing SMEs, regional development agencies, etc.
The NEPIRC concentrates on SMEs as their principal target group, but other regional organisations are also targeted, such as universities, research centres and financial institutions, where appropriate, big companies, as well as professional and trade associations, technology brokers and regional development agencies. Important part of NEPIRC activities is devoted to networking of regional organizations.


Warsaw University (WU) - University Technology Transfer Center (UTTC) - Poland


1. University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM), Poland;
2. University of Bialystok (UoB), Poland;
3. Lublin University of Technology (TUL), Poland;
4. CASE-Advisors Ltd. (CASE), Poland.