Modern Composite Materials Applied in Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theoretical Modelling and Experimental Verification 

General Project Information
FP6 Programme Acronym: MCFI
Project Reference:
MTKD - CT – 2004 - 014058

Contract Type: Marie Curie Host Fellowships for the Transfer of Knowledge (ToK)
Start Date: 2005-04-01

End Date: 2009-03-31
Duration: 48 months

Project Status: Execution
Project Acronym: MCMACM

Budget: 1.060403 €

Person responsible:
Prof. Tomasz SADOWSKI (LUT)

Project Description
Scientific objectives and approach:
The proposed project aims for establishing a leading research and education centre in the Middle-East part of Europe in modern composite materials technology and non-linear mechanics. With regard to research it is envisaged to develop new areas of competence at LUT comprising multi-disciplinary aspects of composite materials modeling with application to civil, mechanical and aircraft engineering. This field is of crucial importance, as composite materials (having unique combination of mechanical, physical and functional properties) are playing more and more important role in designing of different engineering structures. Though different aspects concerning composite properties have been investigated, the major current problem in the modeling of modern composites is to link together nano-, micro-, meso- and macro-scales to get perfect description of the composite behaviour at different loading, temperature and environmental conditions. In the project it is also envisaged the analysis of the civil engineering, mechanical and aerospace structures made of composite and smart materials using non-linear theory, i.e. non-linear dynamics of discrete and continuous systems, chaotic motion, new techniques of control of chaotic and regular motion, coupling of non-linear vibration modes, optimisation of the structure and methods of experimental research and identification of models. With regard to education, it is envisaged to provide teaching at the European level, consistent with EC priorities – by introducing new courses to PH.D. studies programme and training LUT staff at partner institutions.
To provide planned significant increase of LUT quality in research and education as well as overall capability, the following activities are envisaged: a) recruitment of experienced researchers for: doing joint research and lecturing for graduate students b) recruitment of more experienced researchers for: delivering short intensive courses (for P.h.D. students), advanced courses (for LUT staff), c) secondments of LUT staff at partner institutions:
-more experienced researchers will get knowledge concerning the latest ideas in modelling of composite materials and their applications to engineering structures,
- experienced researchers will get acquainted with specific methods of numerical applications and will be trained in the field of experimental mechanics.
The project implementation will strengthen co-operation with the local industry: Polish Aviation Work Swidnik S.A., promote new technologies of composites and structural elements production and foster innovation to the local enterprises. In terms of socio-economical aspects, ToK project will help Lublin area (where LUT is situated) as less favoured region in comparison to western part of Poland, to compensate disproportion at national level.
The proposed project will increase international competitiveness of LUT in the field of modern composite materials and their applications to the mechanical, aerospace and civil engineering structures. Involvement of LUT in joint European research projects will be enhanced by increase of long term research and collaborative capacity of LUT with EU institutions.


Faculty of Civil and Sanitary Engineering
/ Department of Solid Mechanics
ul. Nadbystrzycka 38D
20-618 Lublin, POLAND


1. Martin Luther University, Germany
2. University of Glasgow, Great Britain
3. University of Wales Swansea, Great Britain
4. Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy
5. Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials, Germany
6.University of Rome la Sapienza, Italy
7. University of Aberdeen, Great Britain