Marie Curie Individual Fellowship No. MCFI-2002-00219-A

General Project Information
FP6 Programme Acronym: Marie Curie Individual Fellowship No. MCFI
Project Reference: MCFI-2002-00219-A

Contract Type: M2 – FP5IFP
Start Date: 2003-09

End Date: 2005-07
Duration: 10 months

Project Status: Completed
Project Acronym: MCFI

Person responsible:
Prof. Tomasz SADOWSKI

Project Description
Scientific objectives and approach:
The knowledge to be transferred is related to the modeling of advanced materials by considering the internal structure and is an approach which has been developed by the Applicant. It allows for the introduction of all information about the internal structure of any polycrystalline material such as grain size, grain boundaries, porosity, microcracs and plasticity. The model provides a description of the gradual degradation of the elastic material properties. During the Fellowship, this model will form the basis for the preparation of a generalized version in order to create a similar, but more comprehensive, model to that recently developed in the USA. The finite element method will be used to develop complex polycrystalline models, based on internal structure, and also to include small thickness layes interphase effects between grains. In this way, the new and general-purpose version of the Applicant’s multiphase polycrystalline material model will be developed, which creates the basis for the description of the behavior of a large class of modern engineering materials with a wide range of practical application. The ability to accurately model these materials is of particular importance when the material is subjected to creep and/or variable (fatigue) loading at high temperature.
Objectives and impact of transfer:
• Develop the general-purpose model which is a viable alternative to that developed in the USA,
• Establish a scientific group with expertise in this form of modeling,
• Present seminars to UWS staff and students on this subject,
• Apply the new model to practical engineering problems in the automotive and aerospace industry, using the well-established links between UWS and local/national industry
• Present the work in suitable journals and at appropriate international conferences,
• Prepare an application for further research funding within 6 FP


University of Wales Swansea, United Kingdom


Lublin University of Technology