BISNEP - Business and Innovation Support for North and East Poland

General Project Information
FP6 Programme Acronym: CIP
Project Reference: ENT/CIP/07/0001 – 150261 BISNEP Contract Type: CIP
Start Date: 2008- 04

End Date: 2014-04
Duration: 72 months

Project Status: Execution
Project Acronym: BISNEP

Budget: 1 424 390 €
(209 460 € - LUT)

Person responsible:
Prof. Stanislaw PLASKA (LUT)

Project Description
Scientific objectives and approach:
The BISNEP (Business and Innovation Support for North-East Poland) will provide professional, high quality and cost effective services for small and medium size enterprises and RTD units operating in the area of three Polish regions (voivodships) – Warminsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie and Lubelskie.
BISNEP strategic objective is to provide cost-effective, integrated business and innovation support services for the regional SMEs that will contribute to the competitiveness and improve innovative capacity of the Community. BISNEP, as a part of a new business and innovation support network, will integrate and rationalize several existing EU measures that support business and innovation, implementing no wrong door concept.
This strategic objective will be achieved through BISNEP four operational objectives:

  1. Support for European business cooperation - BISNEP will provide high-quality services to enhance the competitiveness of regional SMEs that are interested in benefiting from the European single market and want to improve their competitiveness.The services will respond to needs of BISNEP clients and develop synergies with political authorities and other business community actors. This objective will be reached by offering assistance and advice services to SMEs in order for them to be able to benefit from European programmes and initiatives; providing feedback from SMEs to the Commission to ensure that future legislation responds to SME needs; offering services to develop trans-national co-operation between SMEs and help them finding suitable business partners to expand their business and enter new markets.
  2. Support for the European innovation, technology and knowledge transfer - BISNEP will provide instruments contributing to the process of closing the ‘innovation gap’ between Europe and its main competitors. This objective will be reached by offering high quality, professional services bringing innovative products to international market efficiently and effectively, boosting innovation capacity and productivity of European and regional businesses, contributing to the creation of jobs, growth and sustainable development of European economy. BISNEP will disseminate information and raise awareness regarding innovation-related policies, legislation, and support programmes; provide brokerage services for technology and knowledge transfer, and for partnership building between all kinds of innovation actors; stimulate the capacity of firms, especially SMEs to innovate; engage in the dissemination and exploitation of research results; facilitate linkage to other innovation services including intellectual property related services. BISNEP partners will establish strong cooperation with other actors, which are not formal network partners. Relevant organizations include professional associations, clusters, networks, university technology transfer offices and others.
  3. Services encouraging the participation of SMEs in FP7 - As the participation of SMEs in the Research Framework Programme is crucial for their competitiveness proper information dissemination, awareness raising, advertising, assistance and training on all aspects of participation in the FP7 is of great importance. BISNEP partners, dealing with regional SMEs will raise awareness among SMEs regarding the FP7; help SMEs to identify their RTD needs and find relevant partners; assist SMEs in the preparation and coordination of project proposals for participation in the Community Framework Programme for RTD. All actions will be organized in close collaboration, avoiding any duplication, with SME National Contact Points.
  4. Creation of the single network of excellence - BISNEP partners will foster co-operation between network partners in the same territory, as well as with other SME support service providers; participate in network governance; establish an effective project coordination, communication, management structure and decision making mechanism, which will ensure effective and efficient work planning, monitoring and reporting; ensure proper staff training, networking and quality interaction with the network.


Warsaw University (WU) - University Technology Transfer Center (UTTC) - Poland


  1. Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (PRDF), Poland
  2. University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM), Poland
  3. Warmia – Mazury Regional Development Agency (WMRDA), Poland
  4. Lublin University of Technology (LUT), Poland
  5. Lublin Development Foundation (LDF), Poland