International Research Projects and LUT

  1. Euro-Entrepreneurship
  2. Centre of Excellence for the Applications of Superconducting and Plasma technologies in power engineering – ASPPECT
  3. MOWOM- Development of a New Mobile Waste Water Treatment Process for SME Olive Mills
  4. Marie Curie Individual Fellowship No. MCFI-2002-00219-A - New generalized model for engineering materials including internal structure modeling
  5. MCMACM (Modern Composite Materials Applied in Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering: Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Verification)
  6. RIS LUBELSKIE (Development of Regional Innovation Strategy of Lubelskie Voivodship)
  7. NEPIRC (North East Poland Innovation Relay Centre)
  8. Waste Safe II - Safe and Sustainable Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Bangladesh through the Practical Application of WasteSafe Proposal
  9. RAPIDO - Rural Areas, People and Innovative Development
  10. BISNEP – Service and Support of Business and Innovation for North East Poland
  11. PVs in Bloom - Farming photovoltaic flowers: a new challenge for land valorization within a strategic eco-sustainable approach to local development
  12. CEMCAST - Centre of Excellence for Modern Composites Applied in Aerospace and Surface Transport Infrastructure
  13. Plasma Sterilization, Sterilization of Variety of Materials, Biomedical and Food Production Equipment Using Low Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Combined with Advanced Oxidation Processe
  14. Technological and design aspects of extrusion and injection moulding of thermoplastic polymer composites and nanocomposites - Co-ExIn
  15. Nonlinear Dynamics of Rotating Machines with Faults
  16. DELILAH = Diesel engine matching the ideal light platform of the helicopter
  17. Values and valuation as key factors in protection, conservation and contemporary use of heritage – a collaborative research of European cultural heritage - SMART Value
  18. NEWEX - Investigation and development of a new generation of machines for the processing of composite and nanocomposites materials
  19. RUINS -Sustainable re-use, preservation and modern management of historical ruins in Central Europe - elaboration of integrated model and guidelines based on the synthesis of the best European experiences
  20. PNANO4BONE - Nanovectors engineered for plasma enhanced theranostics in regenerative medicine

Further information concerning International Research Projects within Lublin University of Technology upon request  - Mrs Baeata Kijak-Mitura ( or coordinators of listed above EU projetcs.