International Relations Office - activity

International Relations Office (IRO) of the Lublin University of Technology(LUT) is responsible for the strategy and planning in the field of international relations and co-ordinates the university international work. It is the central information service for foreign students and other foreign guests who are studying, working or only visiting our university. It provides expert guidance related to international affairs. In additional, the Office is responsible for organising and financing of foreign journey of the university staff.

IRO distributes information about the bilateral agreements between the LUT and its partner institutions, the membership in international foundations and about various international programmes (Framework Programmes, COST, CEEPUS, etc.), and their co-ordination, contracting, reporting and financing. It also collects feedback material related to international issues.

The staff compiles study guides, presentation material and promotion material on international activities. The Office co-ordinates and/or gives administrative support to the university programmes in foreign languages developed at the LUT in collaboration with the partner institutions from abroad.

To further strengthen the international dimension of the Lublin University of Technology, IRO offers counselling services to students and university staff, monitors implementation of international programmes, helps faculties' administrators, etc. It also continues promoting the international activities within the European Union area and all over the world.

Major international programmes been and being conducted at the Lublin University of Technology are as follow:


Polonium Programme is based on the scientific and technical co-operation of universities from Poland and France with integrated projects performance. Polonium has been signed in 1989.The Programme cosolidated asstes asigned to the scientific projects by both parties are the source of personnel exchange fees. Presently, Polonium Programme's of LUT main goal is being described as a creation of a project and an appearance within 6th and 7th Framework Programme of EC.


Participated projects include:

  • Marie Curie Individual Fellowship No. MCFI-2002-00219-A- New generalized model for engineering materials including internal structure modeling


Participated projects include:

  • Development of Regional Innovation Strategy of Lubelskie Voivodship – RIS LUBELSKIE
  • Marie Curie Individual Fellowship No. MCFI-2002-00219-A - New generalized model for engineering materials including internal structure modeling - MCMACM
  • NEPIRC - North East Poland Innovation Relay Centre


Participated projects include:
  • Safe and Sustainable Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Bangladesh through the Practical Application of WasteSafe Proposal - WasteSafe - II
  • BISNEP - Business and Innovation Support for North - East Poland
  • Rural Areas, People and Innovative Development - RAPIDO
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Centre of Excellence for Modern Composites Applied in Aerospace andSurface Transport Infrastructure - CEMCAST
  • Farming photovoltaic flowers: a new challenge for land valorization within a strategic eco-sustainable approach to local development – PVs in BLOOM
  • Sterilization of variety of materials, biomedical and food production equipment using low thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jet combined with advanced oxidation processes – PLASMA STERILIZATION
  • Technological and design aspects of extrusion and injection moulding of thermoplastic polymer composites and nanocomposites - Co-ExIn
  • Nonlinear Dynamics of Rotating Machines with Faults
  • DELILAH = Diesel engine matching the ideal light platform of the helicopter
  • Values and valuation as key factors in protection, conservation and contemporary use of heritage – a collaborative research of European cultural heritage - SMART Value


  • Badania i rozwój maszyn nowej generacji do przetwarzania kompozytów i nanokompozytów - NEWEX
  • RUINS - Sustainable re-use, preservation and modern management of historical ruins in Central Europe - elaboration of integrated model and guidelines based on the synthesis of the best European experiences
  • PNANO4BONE - Nanovectors engineered for plasma enhanced theranostics in regenerative medicine
  • CELISE - Sustainable production of Cellulose-based products and additives to be used in SMEs and rural areas