Lublin University of Technology (LUT) is a state institution and the largest technical university in the region. It was established on 13th May 1953 on the initiative of Lublin's community of engineers and technicians. Initially, it was named the Evening Engineering School.

The university's history involved a dynamic development of research staff and student body on the one hand, and venue-related problems on the other. Initially, the university enjoyed the hospitality of other schools, institutions and industrial plants. It was not until 1959 when the decision concerning a new location of the university, at Nadbystrzycka Street, was made.

On 28th April 1965, as a result of intense efforts, the Evening Engineering School was transformed into Higher Engineering School. It offered full-time, evening and extra-mural courses. In 1973, the School obtained the right to provide education in the form of unified master's studies. 1st August 1977 is a milestone in the history of the university. It is the date when Lublin University of Technology was established.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was the first in the university's structure. As early as the academic year 1953/1954, over 100 students began education at the university. In time, it became evident that a further development of the university was necessary. In accordance with the intention of the founders, who meant the institution to become a fully-fledged technical university, qualified engineering personnel in the Lublin region received education in the organization. In the academic year 1963/1964, electrotechnology emerged as a separate course. In 1964, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, with the specialization in industrial electrical engineering, was established. At present it constitutes the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Next, in 1965, the Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded. In 1986, it was renamed the Faculty of Civil and Sanitary Engineering. In 2009, the name was changed into the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The fourth faculty, the Faculty of Management and Technology Fundamentals, was established in 1988. In 2007, it was divided into two separate faculties - the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Technology Fundamentals. In 2004, the Faculty of Environmental Engineering was founded.

At present, there are six faculties in the organizational structure of Lublin University of Technology:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engieering;
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science;
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture;
  • Faculty of Environmental Engineering;
  • Faculty of Technology Fundamentals;
  • Faculty of Management.