Polish as a foreign language

Polish language belongs to the Western-Slavic branch of languages, that constitute a part of the Indo-European family.

The oldest sentence written in Polish dates as far back as 1270 and was found in Wrocław on the 24th page of Book of Henryków. At a convention in Łęczyca in 1285 Polish language was allowed to be used in cathedral and monastic schools. Three prayers published in 1475 in Wrocław are considered to be the oldest printed texts in Polish. Currently, Polish is estimated to be the mother tongue of about 44 million people all over the world both living in Poland and outside its borders, making the Polish diaspora.

More and more people all over the world are learning Polish as a foreign language, although it is regarded to be one of the most complex and difficult languages to master by non-native speakers. Number of people trying to reach proficiency in Polish is estimated at about 10 000.

To feel comfortable in Poland, to study and work effectively, to understand Poland and the Polish people and make new friends here, join our courses of Polish for foreigners at the Department of Foreign Languages of Lublin Technical University and have a good time.

Our teachers:

  • Dominika Brodzka, MA

  • Małgorzata Gierulska, MA

  • Ewelina Zbrońska, MA
  • Katarzyna Jordan-Skoczylas, MA

Our teachers are experienced and highly qualified staff that uses a variety of techniques turning studying a language into a fascinating adventure. Our classes not only help to master our language, but most of all to enjoy it. Students of our courses acquire necessary skillls and knowledge of how to handle everyday situations and learn about Poland, its customs and culture.