Students Organisations and Media

With a wide range of student organizations, LUT provides the opportunities for students to get involved and develop their skills or discover hidden talents. Whether you are interested in performing arts and sports or intend to expand your knowledge in your free time, Lublin University of Technology has something for you. Please find the student organization list here.
Moreover, there are around 50 students` scientific research groups, the members of which have the opportunity to follow their scientific passions by conducting research, participating in conferences and meetings or promoting science. For more information please follow the link.

Lublin University of Technology is also home to a media group. POLI-media consists of an online TV station, photo agency and a magazine.
Pollub TV is a student online TV station which features mainly Student News Programme Online. However, the members film also cultural events and other entertainment shows. All the videos are available on an official You Tube channel
Pollub TV cooperates also with TVP3 Lublin, a regional branch of Poland's public television broadcaster, which broadcasts one of the programmes produced by the team.
Plagiat is a student magazine published at LUT. It covers mainly local and university news, but is also full of interviews, reports and tips on the student life. The photos for the magazine are often provided by SAF, a Student Photo Agency. Their primary focus is the photo coverage of the university life.