Careers Services Office

LUT’s Careers Office deals with job market, job/internships/training offers, information on employers and situation in the job market. We support students and recent graduates in selection of their job careers, we organise individual and group workshops on career planning.
Every student who is considering his/her job career can visit the Office for unpaid consultation. There are many possibilities to take up jobs after finishing studies. There are many new occupations which combine different fields of studies, so the choice is not easy.
If you have any doubts considering your job career, you should visit us!
We also organise different events, such as: job fairs, meetings with employers, adaptation camps – meetings for students beginning studies at LUT, Summer Career School (a week of workshops organised in June/July).
Careers Office creates a space for meetings between companies and job applicants. We gather information on trends and employers expectations, encourage students and recent graduates to discover and develop their own potential, so that their career is not a coincidence but a deliberate choice. Job market does not only require knowledge and experience. Knowing yourself, your interests, competences and social skills – communication, group work, organisation of work and stress management are also important.
If you want to develop them we invite you for our workshops!

We are located at LUT’s Campus, Students’ Dorm No. 1, room No. 2 – we encourage you to pop in!

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Career Councelling
One or more individual meeting with career advisor to discuss the following:

  • Choosing your career path
  • Changing your professional qualifications
  • Looking for employment
  • Adapting your qualifications to the current job market and world

The advisor uses different methods which support the process of choosing your job career. These are: conversation, psychological tests and exercises, intellectual abilities tests, personality tests.Selection of methods is made together with a client.

What can you get from individual counselling?
Determine your professional predispositions and interests

  • Strengthen your self-competences
  • Determine your professional goals
  • Prepare your own professional project
  • Become independent in solving problems connected with employment seeking

You can consult your CV or motivation letter. We can prepare you for a job interview – “an interview before the interview.” Typical questions. Interview autopresentation.

Contact: +48 81 538 46 63 or mail: