Research Areas of Environmental Engineering Faculty

  • Pre-treatment of organic waste used as co-substrates in co-digestion process (Contact person: prof. Agnieszka Montusiewicz, e-mail:
  • Application of postconsumer ion exchange substrate in improving the properties of barren soils (Contact person: prof. Mariola Chomczyńska, e-mail:
  • Evaluation of CO2 sequestation in land ecosystems (Contact person: prof. Lucjan Pawłowski, e-mail:
  • Study on the potentiality to reduce development barriers of renewable energy sources (Contact person: prof. Małgorzata Pawłowska, e-mail:
  • Solar cells – manufacturing, description, influence of outdoor conditions (Contact person: prof. Agata Zdyb, e-mail:
  • Safety of water supply and wastewater disposal (Contact person: prof. Witold Stępniewski, e-mail:;;
  • Evaluation of HVAC systems in terms of energy consumption and providing optimal indoor air conditions (Contact person: prof. Marzenna Dudzińska, e-mail: