Research Areas of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Faculty

  • Studies of electrotechnologies based on electromagnetism, non-thermal plasma, superconductivity, electrochemistry, EMC, RES for application in power, civil and bio-engineering, medicine, agriculture, ecology and non-destructive testing (contact person: prof. Henryka D. Stryczewska
  • Optoelectronic sensors and diagnostic and control systems (contact person : prof. Andrzej Smolarz,
  • Applications of computer science (contact person : prof. Dariusz Czerwiński,
  • Measuring tools and closed loop control systems (contact person: dr Adam Kurnicki,
  • Analysis of power grid operation states, with particular focus on renewable energy source micro-installations (contact person: prof. Piotr Miller,
  • Research of electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties of modern electrotechnical and electronic materials, including nanomaterials and electrical devices and their components, in order to determine suitability for use in electrical engineering and increase the efficiency of energy management (contact person : prof. Paweł Żukowski,
  • Control of electromechanical and power electronic systems for energy-efficient drives and renewable energy sources (contact person:prof. Wojciech Jarzyna
  • Probability theory and its application (contact person: dr Zbigniew Łagodowski,