LUT's research

The LUTs Research Plan for 2016–20 is to support the university’s growing national and international reputation as one of the best leading university of technology in Poland.

LUT's scientific activities go from strength to quality as a direct consequence of our existing strategy and research investment. Therefore, our University is proud of: the excellence of our research and the positive impact we are making on the world, the quality of our graduates, and our closer links with industry. 

Our new Vision Focus Areas: data science, sustainability and future work and industry comprise a number of interrelated research disciplines, in which we already excel, and have been carefully considered to build on our previous Research Strategy. We are constantly aligning with, and responding to, the expectations of industry co-building unique, long-lasting relationships as the national and international research partner of choice. Central to this strategy is accelerating our focus on and engagement with industry. 

Our investment process has created a revitalised, up-dated urban campus that offers our staff, students and industry partners comfortabel facilities that foster connection, collaboration and creativity.

We look forward to ensuring that Human Resources Startegy is the catalyst that continues to build our reputation and position LUT as a national and global university, as well as a go-to partner delivering practical solutions for industry and society.

Professor Marzenna DUDZIŃSKA
Deputy Rector for Scientific Affairs
Lublin University of Technology