April 26, 2021

Top Manager 2020 - Prof. Magdalena Rzemieniak in the jury

Prof. Magdalena Rzemieniak has been appointed to the jury of the Top Manager 2020 of the Lublin Voivodeship.

The aim of the Top Manager 2020 Competition is to select the best managers of the Lublin companies who are effective in managing their companies in any situation, even the most difficult one, i.e. related to COVID-19.

The jury consists of the representatives of the organizer (the "Kurier Lubelski" newspaper) as well as invited entrepreneurs, local government officials, politicians, journalists, scientists, and other authorities in their fields.

Prof. Magdalena Rzemieniak is a graduate of Lublin University of Technology - she graduated with honors in business management. Already during her studies, she received the PRIMUS INTER PARES Award from the President of the Republic of Poland. After graduation, she started working at LUT. First, as an assistant in the Department of Management, then as an assistant professor, and then as an associate professor in the Department of Marketing. Since May 2016, she has been heading the Department of Marketing. Prof. Rzemieniak was also twice the vice-dean of the Faculty of Management and currently she is the dean of this Faculty.