March 19, 2021

MedBiz Innovations Program - March 20th - April 4th - Registration

About MedBiz Innovations

Despite a relatively high level of education at universities and schools, there is little attention put to connecting young people from various backgrounds. As a result, many of them live in their "bubbles" - surrounded by friends and colleagues with similar stories and experiences, lacking incentives to work creatively and a multidimensional approach to their ideas. The task of the program is to connect students from business, medical and STEM majors, while providing them with opportunities of growth and commercialization of their innovative ideas. Moreover, the best of the best would be able to develop their ideas with help from top experts from the MedTech industry.

Behind every successful project is a great team!

To succeed in business, you need more than a good idea - behind every victory, there are people sharing similar values. A well-performing team is characterized by mutual trust and supplementary skills. As a result, we encourage you to create interdisciplinary teams consisting of 4 perspectives:

Science and tech

Even the best ideas cannot come true... If they don't work! Successful solutions in the MedTech market require a technical, analytical approach, making the science and tech perspective so crucial.

Business and investment

A great business plan or an awesome strategy can bring life to a mediocre project, but a mediocre business plan can undermine even the best ideas. Understanding the business aspect is vital to successful development of the project.


The medical perspective is fundamental when creating innovations in the MedTech industry. It allows to understand the reality of the healthcare area better and indicates the direction of growth in the industry, allowing the teams to implement effective business and tech solutions.


An adequate support is needed especially in the early stages of growth. That is why we encourage applying the legal perspective, creating a safe space for growth of ideas.

MedBiz Innovations Program

In the first stage, participants are put into teams and tasked with inventing and describing an innovative product, process or service connecting knowledge from the fields of medicine, technology and business. The best of them go to the next stage and develop their ideas with the help of leading experts in the MedTech sector. With the help of assigned mentors, teams develop a business model for their idea and learn to create value for investors, identifying a real-world problem their idea solves. Our Program increases students’ visibility in the labor market and broadens their career opportunities. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the process of creating an innovative med-tech company from scratch, increasing the chances of future success in developing and marketing their concept. Additionally, the project raises awareness about the MedTech industry by showcasing its goals, trends and core values. As a result, participants of our Program are able to better understand the realities of the medical and technology marketplace and are given a broader perspective of their future work. MedBiz is a mentoring program for students who are ready to juxtapose their ideas with real-world needs and opportunities.

March 20th - April 4th Registration

Up to April 4th you can register as an individual or a team. The registration takes place using Innovations Platform. When signing in as an individual, remember that an earlier registration gives you a better chance of finding the most suiting team for you! Together with your team, you will be working on designing an innovative project related to the MedTech area, therefore it is vital that the signed teams are as varied in skills and background as possible.

MedBiz goes global!

Our task is to create a multidisciplinary community of students, capable of creating market-ready business solutions. That is why we aim to turn the project into an international initiative, allowing young people to join forces, regardless of the country they are from!

Spread your wings by joining us!

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