March 17, 2021

4th Plenary Meeting of the Machine Building Committee

On March 16, 2021, the 4th Plenary Meeting of the Machine Building Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences elected for the 2020-2023 term was held in a hybrid form, and Lublin University of Technology was the host of the meeting.

The session was opened by Prof. Arkadiusz Mężyk – the chairman of the Committee and Prof. Zbigniew Pater, rector of Lublin University of Technology, gave a presentation on the University.

During the second, scientific part of the meeting, LUT’s employees presented their papers:

• Prof. Piotr Budzyński, chairman of the Discipline Council - "Information on the discipline of Mechanical Engineering";

• Prof. Józef Kuczmaszewski - "Education, science and commercialization of research in academic units of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the light of the public mission of Lublin University of Technology";

• Prof. Janusz Tomczak - "Innovative machines and plastic shaping technologies developed at Lublin University of Technology".

After a break, a closed meeting for the members of the Committee was held. In this part, the issues related to the division of tasks (in accordance with the action plan of the Machine Building Committee and the Committee’s sections) as well as the proposals of the task forces, the scope of their activities, dates and chairmen appointments, were discussed.

Fot. T. Maślona, SAF PL