March 15, 2021

Prof. Lucjan Pawłowski elected a member of the EASA Nomination Committee

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), one of the most prestigious scientific and artistic organizations in Europe, has selected seven scientists to serve as members of the Nomination Committee. There is one Pole in this group - Prof. Lucjan Pawłowski from Lublin University of Technology. The task of the Committee is to select new members to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The Presidium concentrated mainly on the candidates’ CVs, taking into account their professional knowledge, experience as well as their commitment to the development of international cooperation.

Professor Lucjan Pawłowski works at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of Lublin University of Technology and is currently one of the most recognizable Polish scientists in the field of environmental engineering in the world. The professor's scientific specialization includes the use of chemical methods in water and wastewater treatment, the production of renewable energy from waste and biomass as well as the development of the concept of sustainable development, in particular sustainable management of natural resources. The professor is the author of 22 monographs and 168 scientific papers. He patented a total of 88 inventions and presented 26 patent applications, 18 of which were submitted to the European Patent Office (in 2005 he was awarded honorary Medal of Merit for Inventiveness bestowed by the President of the Council of Ministers upon inventors and entrepreneurs). He promoted thirteen doctors in the field of environmental engineering, four of which obtained the degree of habilitated doctor and one the title of professor. He is a co-founder of the international journal "Problems of Sustainable Development" (under the auspices of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts). Prof. Lucjan Pawłowski has been the organizer of many international conferences and symposia  (e.g. Congress of Environmental Engineering) and he is also the president of the Central European Institute of Environmental Research.

The EASA is one of the most prestigious scientific organizations in Europe. The academy is made up of 2,000 international experts in science, arts, and religion. The members of the Academy are outstanding scientists and artists from all over Europe, including 31 Nobel Laureates. The EASA aims to analyze and solve, in cooperation with the representatives of different authorities, faiths and religions, the problems facing the European community as well as to support the pan-European scientific and artistic creativity. The Polish members of the EASA are, among others, Prof. Jerzy Buzek, Prof. Andrzej Zoll and Prof. Lucjan Pawłowski (since 1998). In 2015, Prof. Michał Kleiber, the then-president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was elected the vice-president of the EASA.