February 22, 2021

Polish-American Solutions for the Forging Industry

Scientists from Lublin University of Technology have built an innovative rolling station. It is a numerically controlled inclined mill. It enables the quick and precise creation of individual metal parts of various sizes. They are used in machine building and they are also used to make tools and everyday objects. Forged parts are found in modern airplanes, cars or tractors and they account for about 30% (and sometimes more) of the weight of the entire structure.

The Lublin researchers were supported by the American company Parker Hannifin specializing in propulsion and control technology. It designs engineering solutions for many industries like aviation industry, medicine, sports and entertainment.

- We started our cooperation with Parker Hannifin in 2017. Its result is a numerically controlled rolling mill which belongs to a new class of lathes for plastic forming of metals and their alloys. Our rolling mill enables the production of large-size blanks and elongated forgings such as axles and shafts. Its advantage is the production of both single elements as well as products in large series and mass production - says Prof. Zbigniew Pater, Rector of LUT and the team leader from the Department of Computer Modelling and Metal Forming Technologies.

Parker Hannifin experts, apart from providing the appropriate components, helped our scientists in the application of precision electric actuators in the rolling mill they designed. This solution was used for the first time in Poland.

- Thanks to the combination of our actuators with the knowledge of scientists from Lublin University of Technology, we created a solution that meets the real market needs. We develop many innovative solutions for the industry and we are glad that they help to create new solutions that will be used in the Polish forging industry - emphasizes Vladimira Fadrna, Marketing Communications Leader for Central and Eastern Europe at Parker Hannifin.

The device is located in the university's laboratory. - We are constantly working on increasing the accuracy with which the rolling mill produces details. We often make it available to students, mainly for the preparation of engineering and master's theses - emphasizes Prof. Zbigniew Pater.

The Department of Computer Modelling and Metal Forming Technologies is a unit at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering whose main areas of scientific activity are metalworking, technologies of skew and cross rolling processes as well as steel die forging. It is here that new solutions are created to enable the further development of the Polish forges.

Parker Hannifin is a leader in drive and control technology and is ranked among the 250 largest companies according to the Fortune magazine. For over 100 years, it has been providing wide range engineering solutions to various industrial markets. The first Parker Hannifin office in Poland was opened in 1992 and three years later, the first factory in Siechnice near Wrocław was opened. Currently, the company has four facilities in Poland, including two production plants, which employ a total of 820 employees.

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