February 2, 2021

The first 1-year Polish language course at LUT

In October last year, foreigners - candidates for studies in Polish began their studies at the first 1-year Polish language course at Lublin University of Technology. The course lasts two semesters, during which the participants have 540 hours of Polish language classes and 90 hours of specialist subjects: 45 hours of mathematics, 15 of physics and 30 hours of basics of electrical engineering. The course has been prepared and implemented by the Department of Foreign Languages and the Center for the Eastern Partnership Program. It is supervised by Prof. Paweł Droździel, the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation and, of course, following all the rules of sanitary safety, the teachers had the great pleasure of meeting their students in lecture rooms, not in front of computer monitors.

We admitted 37 people from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

Not so long ago, our students packed their things, hugged families and, often fearful, set off for Lublin where they were accepted into our academic community. And now they've just finished their first semester of study!

It was a time of strenuous effort when they learned the Polish language and improved their language skills. They faced the Polish pronunciation, grammar and countless secrets of our language. It was not easy :) but as the saying goes "Per aspera ad astra" - Through hardships to the stars.

We would like to thank the Students for their hard work and their perseverance in learning Polish and we wish them a good holiday!

See you soon!