February 1, 2021

University Medals for Outstanding Service

During the Senate meeting on January 28, 2021, Prof. Zbigniew Pater, Rector of LUT, solemnly awarded the University Medals "For Outstanding Service to the University".

The first medal was awarded posthumously to the late Prof. Henryk Komsta "in recognition of the special and commemorable achievements in scientific and didactic work as well as merits for the development of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the University".

In the years 2005-2012, Prof. Komsta was the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He died on October 14, 2020 at the age of 68.

The medal was collected by the Professor’s wife - Ałła Komsta – and his daughter Marta.

In turn, Tadeusz Karczmarczyk, MSc. was honored with a medal "for good representation and building a good image of Lublin University of Technology as well as for his work for the University Council".

In the years 2019-2020, Mr. Tadeusz Karczmarczyk was the chairman of the University Council. He is a member of the Management Board of the Society of Alumni and Friends of Lublin University of Technology. Since 2007 he has been the President of the Management Board of the combined heat and power plant in Lublin - Megatem EC.