December 14, 2020

Science and industry join forces in the fight against environmentally harmful waste

Our research team, led by MaƂgorzata Franus, received funding for a research project entitled "The use of waste materials in the microwave technology of lightweight aggregates production" as part of the NCBiR competition "Application projects". The project will be implemented with the industrial partner Bikoserwis sp. z o.o. limited partnership. The amount of financing is up to PLN 3 160 267 50.

The project concerns the utilization of selected wastes for the production of lightweight aggregates on the use of electromagnetic microwave radiation. Wastes which will be used in the project are: sewage sludge, fly ashes and spent sorbents after sorption of petroleum substances. The thermal treatment process will be based on the use of electromagnetic microwave radiation. The effect of the project implementation will be the possibility of producing lightweight aggregates from waste materials on a semi-technical scale. It will be possible thanks to the design and demonstration installation created as a result of research works. The project includes industrial research, which consists of three stages: (i) chemical and mineralogical characteristics of selected waste materials, (ii) development of the composition of expanded clay mass and granulation technology, (iii) assessment of the impact of microwave process parameters on aggregate properties. Additionally, the experimental development works are planned consisting of another three stages: (iv) design of a demonstration installation for production of aggregates, (v) construction of a demonstration line for aggregates production, and (vi) assessment of physico-mechanical properties of obtained aggregates followed by the research on potential directions of their application. Implementation of the project will contribute to reducing the amount of harmful waste to the environment, which is part of the currently adopted strategy for the development of the circular economy.