November 19, 2020

Our scientists' invention will go to the Chinese market

The four-year cooperation of Lublin University of Technology and Ningbo University from China resulted in a joint project co-financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange. For the next two years, the scientists will work on solutions concerning new technologies of axle rolling (solid and hollow) used in railroad cars.

- The Chinese market lacks currently approximately 1 million railway axles, each weighing about 400 kg. These axles come in various shapes and sizes. The idea is to use a universal, numerically controlled rolling mill equipped with one set of tools (shaping rolls) to produce all kinds of axles - says Prof. Zbigniew Pater from the Department of Computer Modelling and Metal Forming Technologies, Rector of Lublin University of Technology.

The team of scientists from the Department of Computer Modelling and Metal Forming Technologies has experience in the processes of metal forming of solid and hollow products in the form of axles and shafts which are used in the railway and automotive industries. For this purpose the researchers designed and built a numerically controlled triple roll mill.

- Our solution allows to accelerate production and reduce its environmental impact. An additional advantage of the solution is its versatility - using the same tools we can produce elements of different shapes and sizes - informs Prof. Jarosław Bartnicki from the Department of Computer Modelling and Metal Forming Technologies, who is the manager of the project.

The scientists will conduct research concerning - among others - the kinematics of metal flow in the skew rolling process and the quality of railcar axles made using a numerical rolling mill. The influence of the microstructure on the operational performance of the axle will also be investigated as well as the mechanism of fatigue crack growth and durability prediction.

The international team consists of the following scientists: Prof. Jarosław Bartnicki, Prof. Zbigniew Pater, Prof. Janusz Tomczak, Dr. Eng. Tomasz Bulzak and Prof. Shu Xuedao.

Ningbo University was selected in 2017 as the national leading university in the discipline of machine design. The university has extensive experience in international cooperation related to mechanical engineering and mechanics, including in particular rolling processes of rotating parts and research on  new technologies of skew rolling.