October 25, 2022

POL-JAP ENERGO-ECO, Kumamoto, Japan

The National Agency for Academic Exchange and Lublin University of Technology completed the implementation of the project entitled “Polish-Japanese Energo-Eco Study and Expert Visits” (POL-JAP ENERGO-ECO). The project was supervised by Prof. Henryka Danuta Stryczewska from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology, LUT.

It was implemented from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2022 with the budget of about PLN 1,000,000 and concerned scientific and educational cooperation in the area of generation and application of non-thermal plasma for power engineering, electrical and ecological engineering.

Another scientific success of Lublin University of Technology implemented together with Japanese universities - Kumamoto University (KU), Sojo University (SU), Ryukyus University (RU) as well as the Laboratory of Environment and Energy - was carried out in the field of automatics, electronics and electrical engineering.

The 20-year-old research and teaching cooperation of Lublin University of Technology, as a consortium leader, and its Japanese partner universities, resulted in numerous joint publications and research projects, as well as bilateral study visits with lectures and research activities. Multilateral cooperation in the area of generating biomedical and agricultural applications of non-thermal plasma was carried out in the form of:

  • organization of study visits and exchanges of experts in the field of electrical engineering and ecology in the partner universities, laboratories and local enterprises in the above-mentioned industries;
  • promotion of best practices and innovative solutions in the field of non-thermal plasma generation using gliding arc discharges and dielectric barrier discharges for applications in electrical and ecological engineering;
  • strengthening cooperation with KU, SU and EEL in Kumamoto as well as establishing a new contact with RU in Okinawa, in order to develop innovative solutions in the field of R&D and internationalization of education;
  • development of a joint scientific monograph entitled "Advanced Technologies for Energy and Environment", scientific publications in renowned international journals, organization of the ELMECO-10 conference on May 26-27, 2022 in Lublin and the Kumamoto conference, study and expert visits of academic staff, second and third degree students,  as well as the representatives of the local industry.

The key areas of cooperation are: electrical and ecological engineering in the field of R&D and student education, preparation and management of international projects in various international programs, as well as dissemination of the results of scientific and educational cooperation.

During the Kumamoto conference (September 16-19, 2022), summarizing the POL-JAP ENERGO-ECO project, the following lectures were delivered:

  • „Environment and Energy Lab research activities and development prospect” – Prof. Kenji Ebihara – project partner from EEL;
  • “Fundamentals study and application of plasma in environmental electronics laboratory” – Prof. Fumiaki Mitsugi – project partner from KU;
  • “Plasma and Superconductivity for Sustainable Development of Energy and Environment” – Prof. Henryka D. Stryczewska – project coordinator;
  • “Electric vehicle charging and its impact on power quality parameters” – Aleksander Chudy, MSc. – project contractor and international exchange student coordinator;
  • “Study of structural and physical properties as well as dielectric polarization and relaxation mechanisms in nanoliquids containing metallic nanoparticles” – Dr. Eng. Oleksandr Boiko - project contractor;
  • Science of Lublin University of Technology presentation – Beata Kijak-Mitura, MA – International Relations Office of Lublin University of Technology;
  • Scientific presentation of the Sojo University – Shin-ichi Aoqui – project partner from SU;
  • Scientific presentation of the Ryukyus University – Kouichi Ogami - International Relations Office of RU, Masaaki Yamazato – project partner from RU;
  • “International collaboration based on students exchange agreements from the Kumamoto University” – Khing Zaw Phyo, Si Thu Han – international exchange students studying at Kumamoto University;
  • “NAWA Pol-Jap Energo-Eco project tasks and outcomes” – Prof. Henryka D. Stryczewska.

Each session was filled with great interest, excellent atmosphere as well as lively discussions. The plenary session concluding the conference contributed to strengthening relations among the group of people from the partner universities who are keenly interested in the area of generation and application of non-thermal plasma. Prof. Henryka D. Stryczewska, together with her Polish-Japanese research team, is planning to apply soon for global funds aimed at international science and cooperation.

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