September 1, 2022


On the 24th of February, just after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we set up a refugee aid system in Lublin. Working almost 24 hours a day, we provide direct and indirect help for people fleeing from Ukraine.
In the Lublin Welfare Committee for Aid to Ukraine today we deal with 17 different areas. Over 100 volunteers are in our team, coordinated into working groups.

What we do?

– We run a 24-hour hotline for refugees in several languages and an information desk;

– We manage the allocation of housing to people in need of accommodation (we receive applications and accommodate refugees);

– We organise legal, psychological and medical support;

– We manage information on collections in the Lublin area;

– We coordinate care centres for refugees’ children;
– We coordinate food deliveries for refugees;
– We carry out transports of people and humanitarian aid;

– We translate into Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages using a database of volunteers;

– We work at train stations providing information for refugees arriving to the city;
– we gather data on the needs of Ukrainian refugees who came to Lublin and on the resources we have in the city to respond to those needs effectively;
– We create content, publications, guides, flyers and advertising materials;
– We create communication on the current situation.

With the money raised:

– We will provide volunteers with specialised equipment to work on the hotline;

– We will purchase office supplies, make professional printing of information materials;

– Pay for fuel for volunteers;

– We will send large-size transports,
– We will employ the necessary psychologists (also for the volunteers themselves), translators, lawyers;

– We will provide the crisis staff working 24 hours a day with food;
– We will organise Polish lessons for children and adults and much more.

We are thinking not only about what we need now but also about what we will need in the coming weeks and months. That’s why we are asking for your financial support and we are grateful for your commitment.

If you do not want to use the Facebook system to donate, here is the information for individual donations.

Foreign transfers

To make a transfer from abroad, you need to provide:

– First and last name of the transfer recipient (Account Holder): Homo Faber Association
– Full 26-digit number of the Recipient’s bank account (IBAN), before which you should additionally write ‘PL’ : PL 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000
– Please describe exactly for what the transfer is being made,
– The name and address of the bank of the transfer recipient: Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA ul. Legnicka 48 bud. C-D 54-202 Wrocław, Poland – the SWIFT code (BIC) of Credit Agricole Bank: AGRIPLPR / AGRIPLPRXXX

Homo Faber Association, Chopina St., 41/2, 20-023 Lublin, e-mail: 

Single transfer of any amount to Homo Faber Association: Credit Agricole Bank Polski S.A. 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000

Regular transfers
This is the most valuable support, because it’s systematic – it provides a regular flow of funds for current activities. Set up a recurring transfer in your account in the amount of e.g. 8 PLN (in the title please write “donation for statutory purposes”). Homo Faber Association Chopina Street, 41/2
20-023 Lublin Credit Agricole Bank Polski S.A. 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000.

Thank you!