August 12, 2022

Our Hydros takes 5th place in Europe

Hydros, a hydrogen vehicle built by students of Lublin University of Technology, took part in the international Shell Eco-Marathon competition, which took place at the turn of June and July this year, at the Circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro, France. The races were successful - the Lublin bolide was ranked 5th in Europe and 1st in Poland in the category of prototype hydrogen powered vehicles.

Shell Eco-Marathon is one of the most innovative competitions for young constructors. Teams from all over the world face the challenge of building and testing vehicles that are as energy efficient as possible. The winner is the team whose vehicle can cover the longest distance on the equivalent of one liter of fuel or one kWh.

During this year's races, both the team members and the vehicle itself had to undergo strict technical and safety checks. - The hydrogen category is the most demanding group in terms of construction and applied technical solutions. This year, only 7 teams were admitted to the race. Our team passed the checks at the first attempt and it is not a simple matter. When it comes to Hydros, particular attention was paid to the strength of the structure as well as the efficiency of the mechanical, electronic and hydrogen systems - says Mateusz Gilewski, president of the Student Scientific Club of Aviation Propulsion at Lublin University of Technology.

Equally demanding controls awaited the car drivers. - The belts were checked for stability, and there are five pairs of them in Hydros. There was also a "mirror test" waiting for us. It was a big challenge to get out of the vehicle in 10 seconds but we managed to do it in 4 seconds. - explains Karolina Pikul, the second driver of Hydros.

Already during the first series, the Hydrogreen Pollub team achieved a qualifying result of 266 km /m3 of hydrogen, i.e. 787.4 km /L of gasoline.

- It was not an easy task due to the specificity of the track in Nogaro - says Mateusz Gilewski, president of the club. - It was by far the toughest track on which Hydros started. It had numerous profiled turns, high curbs, and the inclination of the entire track along its axis meant that the ride had to be carried out along an ideal racing line, so as not to cause losses in the result and to prevent serious damage to the vehicle.

Prof. Jacek Czarnigowski, the supervisor of the Student Science Club of Aircraft Propulsion, admits that the results obtained at this year's competition are the best in the history of the team. - Thanks to them, Hydros has improved its position in the ranking and it will be able to start in the next edition of the races. This is a great motivation for us to continue our work - assures Prof. Czarnigowski.

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