June 22, 2022

16th Lublin Interschool Vocational Competition "A Year Before Graduation"

On June 9, 2022, a conference entitled "A Year Before Graduation" was held to summarize the results of the 16th Lublin Interschool Vocational Competition, organized by the Lublin Self-Government Teacher Training Center and the Complex of Electrical Engineering Schools named after Prof. Kazimierz Drewnowski in Lublin.

The honorary patronage over the competition was held by the Marshal of the Lublin Province, the Education Superintendent of Lublin, the Mayor of Lublin City, the Rector of Lublin University of Technology, the Polish Information Technology Society, and the VCC Foundation.

During the conference, the results of the competition were announced and the regional stage of it was summarized. One thousand eight hundred eighty-four students from Lublin and the Lublin Voivodeship participated in the school stage of the competition. Two hundred and forty-eight students, 83 teams representing 22 technical schools in the Lublin Voivodeship, participated in the regional stage. Sixty-seven winners and 34 laureates were selected.

The conference was attended by Prof. Paweł Droździel, the vice-rector for student affairs at Lublin University of Technology. He introduced the winners to the fields of study available at LUT, inviting them to continue their studies at our University.

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