May 18, 2022

1st Workshop on Experimental and Computational Mechanics – WECM ‘22

1st Workshop on Experimental and Computational Mechanics – WECM ‘22
 + DIACMEC Canaletto Project Kick-off Meeting

Lublin, Poland, June 1st 2022


mechanics, materials, experiment, simulation, fracture, damage, fluid flow


The conception of the WECM’22 workshop arose in the Polish-Italian group of scientists, cooperating in the field of experimental and computational mechanics, within the framework of bilateral agreement between Lublin University of Technology (Lublin, Poland) and the University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy). Taking advantage of international cooperation of both universities, a multinational Scientific Advisory Board was established. Many of its members had experience in teaching abroad as Visiting Professors, whereas most of the workshop participants attended the VP’s lectures. This way the event enabled gathering the teachers and the students all together - in one place and time, even though the “online” option was provided. The workshop should thus be found a possibility to deepen the knowledge and understanding for those, who study - in accordance with its motto, as well as to share ideas and results - for those, who teach. These goals are expected to be reached more effectively by dedicating WECM’22 to PhD students from the two universities. In particular, as the letter “W” indicates – the emphasis is on the discussion among the two sides of the stage. Hopefully, the workshop will become a cyclic event in the nearest future.


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