May 17, 2022

Prof. Andrzej Seweryn joined the group of honorary doctors of LUT

Professor Andrzej Seweryn from Gdansk University of Technology became the 20th Honoris Causa Doctor of Lublin University of Technology. The ceremony took place on May 13, 2022, during the 69th birthday of our University.

- The selection of the person who will be honored is a declaration on the selection of a role model in the area of world science. The distinguished researcher is one of the scientific authorities in mechanical engineering who successfully supports the development of Lublin University of Technology. We would like to thank you for this fruitful and long-term cooperation - says Prof. Zbigniew Pater, rector of Lublin University of Technology.

Professor Andrzej Seweryn is the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding at Gdansk University of Technology. He is an outstanding specialist in the field of mechanical engineering, in particular: mechanics of materials and structures, computer methods of mechanics, fatigue of materials and structures, mechanics of damage and fracture, strength of structural elements and experimental methods of mechanics. Author of about 350 scientific publications, as well as patents and utility models. Supervisor of 8 doctoral dissertations.

During the laudation speech, Prof. Tomasz Sadowski, the head of the Department of Solid State Mechanics, Lublin University of Technology, emphasized the importance of many years of contacts with Prof. Andrzej Seweryn for Lublin University of Technology: - The Professor's cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been going on for nearly 20 years. It includes the organization of joint conferences, implementation of research projects or participation in promotion proceedings of our employees. Prof. Seweryn was a reviewer of two doctoral dissertations as well as the award of the title of professor. He also gave an opinion on one monograph for our publishing house.

Doctoral promotions were the next point of the May holiday. During the past year, 2 degrees of habilitated doctor and 7 degrees of doctor were awarded by Lublin University of Technology. During the ceremony, congratulatory letters were also handed out to those who had been awarded the title of professor and who had been awarded postdoctoral and doctoral degrees outside the University.

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