December 29, 2021

Christmas Eve away from home!

Christmas is behind us! We hope that you were able to rest and spend time with your loved ones, but as we know, not everyone had the opportunity to return to their homes during this time.

At our University, we have many foreign students who spent Christmas in dormitories. As every year, they had the opportunity to learn about the local traditions and customs, and most importantly, they were not alone at that time.

For our foreign students (from Ukraine, Belarus, but also from more distant countries, such as: Turkey, Spain, Panama and Indonesia) who stayed in dormitories during the holiday season, we prepared Christmas boxes with traditional Polish dishes: mushroom soup, dumplings with cabbage as well as poppy seed cake.

There was also the Christmas wafer - getting to know a new, hitherto unknown tradition - and making wishes for each other!

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the preparation of the entire event and we hope that this experience will remain in the memories of all the participants of the student Christmas Eve for a long time.