January 3, 2022

Jan III Sobieski High School visited LUT

On December 15 this year, students from the Jan III Sobieski High School participated in academic classes at Lublin University of Technology. The selected high school students from engineering classes took part in the following laboratory classes: "Water power - abrasive water jet cutting demonstrations" conducted by Elżbieta Doluk, MSc. and "Wonderful materials - from medicine to space" conducted by Dr. Eng. Patryk Jakubczak.

Water jet cutting (Water Jet method) is an innovative technology that uses a stream of water with extremely high pressure to cut all types of materials, from stone to metals, glass, wood or plastics. The key advantage of the Water Jet is the lack of thermal impact on the processed raw material.

In case of cutting soft and thin materials, water alone is sufficient, but for harder and thicker materials, it is necessary to use water with an abrasive agent (garnet). Cutting with a water jet is a method of material processing consisting in precision punching from sheet metal and castings with a jet of water mixed with a grenade under high pressure.

The next laboratory class, conducted as part of the “Lesson with LUT”, was held in the field of materials. Dr. Eng. Patryk Jakubczak presented issues related to the current trends in the development of modern materials, mainly composite structures, on the example of aviation applications, in the latest solutions. Dr. Eng. Jakubczak discussed the physical and strength properties of modern materials and their use in the construction of flying objects as well as in medicine.

In parallel, the unique properties were compared to the more known, commonly used materials, for example, in the automotive industry. In the second part of the lesson, in the form of workshops, endurance and impact tests, with the use of simple tools and non-destructive tests, were carried out together with the students.

The students took an active part in destroying the prepared samples of materials by discussing the mathematical and physical relationships of the conducted research and results. In the form of a discussion, the students could learn the methods of determining the strength and modulus of various composites, recognize the basic mechanisms of energy absorption and observe the effects of physical phenomena occurring during the propagation of an elastic wave in the composite.

"Lessons with LUT" are the classes that our University has been conducting for many years to help young people choose their further development path, the future university and the field of study. The aim of the classes conducted at the Center for Innovation and Advanced Technologies of Lublin University of Technology was to prove that science, even if it may seem complicated at first, is above all interesting and allows you to better understand your own behavior and the world around us.

The wide contacts of the University - the Center for Promotion and Information - with schools, allow us to support the youth career path at any time. Logistically and organizationally, Grzegorz Samorek, MA is perfectly fulfilling his role, always providing extensive knowledge about our campus, the fields of study as well as the specialist classes carried out at the level of the future students of LUT.

The most beautiful years of youth are ahead of the high school students and that is why it is worth spending this time on developing their passions and skills in cooperation with our University. Lublin University of Technology, with a modern campus and a rich network of international partner universities, allows you to fulfill your dreams and gain knowledge needed to succeed on the labor market.

As our student you can discover and change the world… The Center for Promotion and Information invites you!