December 21, 2021

Kundalini yoga at LUT

On December 15 this year, a "huge" yoga lesson took place at the Physical Education and Sports Center of Lublin University of Technology. The classes were conducted by Professor Kasianantham Nanthagopal, a certified yoga trainer at the "Temple of Consciousness" in the field of Simplified Kundalini Yoga in India. Our guest completed the "Arunithiyar Course" at this Center and practices yoga regularly. About 80 students of Lublin University of Technology took part in the lesson.

The invited scientist is one of the World’s Top 2% Scientists. Professor Nanthagopal from the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT-India) conducts research at LUT in the field of emission reduction and the use of biofuels in internal combustion engines, as an intern of the ULAMA program of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. Yoga is also his passion and lifestyle. Therefore, during the talks with the management of the Sports Center, there was a proposal to initiate such a non-standard activity within our walls. The pilot yoga classes were initially announced by Dr. Michał Gęca, the guest's mentor from the Department of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Aviation Propulsion Systems, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Thanks to the professional organizational help of Beata Kijak-Mitura, the meeting also turned out to be a contribution to the future yoga classes at our university and the international cooperation of the Physical Education and Sports Center.

Prof. Nanthagopal paid our attention to the great benefits of treating yoga as a lifestyle.

Yoga is a method of proper breathing that helps to oxygenate the body. Deep inhalations and exhalations improve the work of the lungs, and the established pattern of the proper respiration will be especially useful in stressful moments that each of us experiences nowadays. Proper breathing and stretched, oxygenated muscles are the perfect way to improve blood circulation. A relieved heart and organs better supplied with blood, support digestion, thanks to which our metabolism is efficient and effective. Thus, we avoid the contamination of the body and clean it of toxins. The proper metabolism also helps with weight loss and supports everyday immunity, so necessary during a pandemic.

Yoga is also the flexibility of our body which becomes stronger and more resilient thanks to the daily relaxation. And yet the feeling of relaxation accompanying the systematic exercises improves the general well-being, so desired by us now ...