December 8, 2021

Uzbekiscanning: LUT’s Scientific Expeditions 2021

We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition "Uzbekiscanning: LUT's Scientific Expeditions 2021" at the Gallery of the Center for Innovation and Advanced Technologies, Lublin University of Technology. The official opening with a joint visit with the authors will take place on December 13, 2021 at 11:00.

The photo exhibition of Elżbieta and Marek Miłosz and Jerzy Montusiewicz takes us to the oriental world of Central Asia, and in fact to Uzbekistan - the most populous country in Central Asia among the former Soviet republics.

Our team used computer technology of three-dimensional (3D) graphics for archiving and sharing museum and architectural objects in the form of: digital 3D models, interactive panoramas, walks in the world of Virtual Reality (VR) and three-dimensional prints, creating the cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road.

The employees of the Department of Computer Science took with them on expeditions specialized equipment weighing several dozen kilograms: 3D scanners working in the technology of structured light designed to digitize small museum artifacts, a terrestrial laser scanner for the acquisition of a cloud of points of large architectural objects, laptops with high computing power, VR kits and many other small accessories that allowed 3D scanning in situ.

The presented photos show the activities of the members of the fifth and sixth scientific expeditions organized by the Department of Computer Science as part of the "3D Digital Silk Road" project financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange (PPI/APM/2019/1/00004).

On the following website,, you can view a collection of digital 3D models from the previous four Uzbekistan expeditions, including one virtual expedition in May 2021.