December 7, 2021

Scientists from LUT among the winners of competitions organized by the National Science Center

We are pleased to announce that scientists from Lublin University of Technology are once again among the winners of competitions organized by the National Science Center.

Funding was granted to 12 projects for a total amount of PLN 4,080,927.00.

Sheng 2

Prof. Grzegorz Litak "Effective mechanism of obtaining energy from wind-induced vibrations and its optimization "HPCWIVEHMO"


  1. Dr. Eng. Patryk Różyło "Experimental and numerical studies of the stability and limit states of compressed thin-walled composite profiles with closed sections"
  2. Prof. Jerzy Warmiński "Regular and chaotic vibrations of nonlinear multi-stable systems with active elements for energy recovery"


Joanna Styczeń, MSc. Eng. "The mechanism and products of alite hydration in the presence of minerals from the zeolite group"


  1. Dr. Szymon Malinowski "Study of the aging processes of asphalt binders modified with polymer composites"
  2. Dr. Eng. Monika Kulisz "Research and temperature prediction during milling of magnesium alloys"
  3. Dr. Eng. Bartosz Kawecki "Comparison of the response to the local action of fire on beams made of wood-CFRP composite (BSH CFRP) and glued wood (BSH)"
  4. Dr. Eng. Jarosław Gawryluk "Process of destruction of real, laminated thin-walled poles with biofibers subjected to uniform shortening"
  5. Dr. Eng. Michał Pieńko "Experimental tests of the load capacity and stiffness of the node of aluminum temporary structures"
  6. Dr. Bartosz Przysucha "Categorization of probability distributions of road noise indicators by road type"
  7. Prof. Michał Majka "Research on cryo current bushings for contact-cooled superconducting current limiters"
  8. Dr. Beata Klimek "Assessment of the possibility of using calcareous rock as an aggregate for mortars modified with nanomaterials for repairs in historic buildings"

 Congratulations to all the winners!