December 6, 2021

1st place for Michał Wróbel in the competition "Innovations in road engineering"

Michał Wróbel, MSc., a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Lublin University of Technology, and currently its PhD student and member of the MSAGroup, has been recognized by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. His master's thesis entitled "Impact of modifiers acquired from organic raw materials on bituminous binders properties" won first place in the competition "Innovations in road engineering".

The aim of the competition was to select the best diploma theses (Master's, Engineering, Bachelor's), the results of which can be used in road engineering. It was also about promoting the idea of entrepreneurship and innovation among the academic community.

The competition included diploma theses, which were defended in the following categories: road materials and technologies, traffic engineering and road safety solutions, road engineering facilities. In all three areas, a total of 40 works were submitted.

- At universities, excellent ideas are created in the field of solutions applicable in road engineering. They allow to significantly reduce the extraction of natural aggregate and environmental degradation. I am glad that they are also the result of the work of our students and graduates - says Prof. Wojciech Franus, Vice-Rector for Science at Lublin University of Technology.

In his master's thesis, Michał Wróbel, MSc., focused on improving the properties of asphalt contained in the exploited road surface.

- My idea is to reuse materials from the demolition of old road structures by using special softening agents, e.g. derivatives from the production of cooking oils. In this way, the asphalt can return to its original properties. This technology, thanks to the use of recycled materials, allows for significant financial savings during the road investment as well as protection of non-renewable deposits - emphasizes Michał Wróbel, MSc.

The high implementation potential of the solution proposed by Michał Wróbel, MSc., is indicated by Dr. Eng. Agnieszka Woszuk, the thesis supervisor from the Department of Building Materials Engineering and Geoengineering, Lublin University of Technology: - The topic undertaken in the work is in line with the idea of sustainable development in construction. The obtained physical and mechanical properties of the designed asphalt mix comply with the technical requirements and indicate the possibility of preventing premature degradation of the recycled surface. Thanks to this, the solution has a great chance of being used in road engineering.