December 2, 2021

We are the first in Poland to obtain patent protection for a computer product

The invention of scientists from Lublin University of Technology was the first in the country to obtain patent protection for a computer product. This is the effect of changing the provisions of the Patent Office. Now it is possible to patent computer products, but only on condition that they are related to specific solutions.

Researchers from the Department of Electric Drives and Machines - Dr. Eng. Dariusz Zieliński, M.Sc. Eng. Karol Fatyga and MSc. Eng. Łukasz Kwaśny - have an idea to solve the problem that arises in the cooperation of a photovoltaic farm with the power grid. This is important information for both companies and households that have photovoltaic panels installed.

The battery, which is part of the photovoltaic farm system, works with the power grid in an asymmetric state. Voltage unbalance occurs when the voltages in the three phases are not equal to each other. As a rule, one phase is responsible for lighting or rooms with low consumption, the next phase supplies devices with high energy consumption, such as heat pumps, washer dryers, air conditioners, etc., and the third one is for supporting other devices or rooms.

- The asymmetry becomes even more frequent, the more solar farms are connected to the grid. The asymmetry phenomenon is fought with the use of converters of a special design. Unfortunately, these converters, during operation, create pulsating currents in the energy store, which accelerates its aging - says Dr. Eng. Dariusz Zieliński from the Department of Electric Drives and Machines.

The solution proposed by the Lublin scientists is an additional electronic system. It has a capacity of several kilowatts and can be attached to an existing photovoltaic installation. Its advantage is that it actively suppresses the pulsating current, thus protecting the battery.

- From the point of view of the user of a photovoltaic farm, it is a beneficial solution, because the life cycle of the energy storage is extended, its reliability and operational safety increase - emphasizes MSc. Eng. Karol Fatyga from the Department of Electric Drives and Machines.

The invention is the result of research conducted by the employees of Lublin University of Technology in the field of processing and storage of electricity obtained from renewable sources.