Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Erasmus Day - 10 March 2017



 Dear Students,

This year we are celebrating 30 years of Erasmus Programme! Therefore Office of International Education of LUT is organising Erasmus Day on 10 March 2017.

We are going to prepare stands representing different countries and universities and we are looking for volunteers who would like to cook for us (prepare some traditional dishes or sweets from their countries) and represent their countries and Universities during that event.

If you want to participate in Erasmus Day, please come to our Office to ask for details.

The organizational meeting will take place on Monday (27 February 2017) at 10.00 am in the common room (świetlica) in the Dormitory no. 4.

If you want to attend this event please come and join us!!

Contact - Office of International Education, Magdalena Goździk, Dormitory no. 4, room No. 10.