November 19, 2021

Our architecture graduates are the best in the country

Lublin University of Technology took first place in the IARP TOP 10 2021 ranking of universities educating architects. Our university’s graduates are the best among the 35 universities in passing the design qualification exam (81% pass rate). Lodz University of Technology and Opole University of Technology had a 75% success rate. The aim of the ranking is to monitor the quality of architects' education.

The list was prepared by the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. This year, the Chamber carried out for the first time a classification of architectural schools, in which the only criterion was the result of the design qualification exam. This criterion is objective in nature, as the examinations are held on the same principles throughout Poland, taking into account the same set of questions. The exams are supervised by national and sixteen district committees, thanks to which the examination results are comparable.

The list takes into account the passing rate of the exam among the graduates of both first and second cycle studies. Based on the data provided by the regional commissions, the universities were awarded points for each graduate who passed the exam. For every university, the number of points for both positive and negative results as well as the number of all graduates were summed up.

- In the IARP ranking, our university is three times on the podium: in the category of first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies as well as in the general classification. We are proud of the achievements of our architects. They fared best, beating the largest and oldest universities in the country. This high rating confirms the high level of education in the field of architecture. I believe that the qualifications obtained by our graduates will be an impulse for further development and success in the field of architecture - says Prof. Zbigniew Pater, the rector of Lublin University of Technology.

Architectural qualifications make it possible to perform independent technical functions in construction in the field of architecture. Upon graduation, an architect does not yet have such a right. It is only possible by passing the design qualification exam.

- Having prospects of finding a job in the profession, the graduates are motivated to prepare well for the qualification exams. One of the very important factors determining the quality of teaching is the admission policy for architectural studies. For many years, we have been accepting only 60 candidates for the first year of studies. Thanks to this, we can select people at the appropriate level of preparation - informs Prof. Bartłomiej Kwiatkowski, the vice-dean for student affairs at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture.