September 14, 2021

LUT’s vehicles among the classics

For several years, the fans of Lublin's historic and classic motoring have been meeting on Thursday evenings at 8 pm, in the warmer half of the year, in front of the Arena Lublin Stadium. During the events, several dozen vehicles are usually presented. You can relive the memories of youth or childhood while watching such vehicles as the ‘Big’ Fiat, Warszawa, Syrena, Zastawa or Dacia, and you can listen to the WSK motorcycle engine with nostalgia. There are also vehicles from the other side of the Iron Curtain. Not all the vehicles are very old but all of them are interesting for one reason or another, for example Mazda with a Wankel engine or DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ with a stainless steel body. Sometimes there are also larger specimens, such as Autosan H9 or our Praga.

During the biggest covid restrictions, there were no static exhibitions, only Sunday photo spots, during which the vehicles traveled along the designated routes through the city and professional photographers were taking photos of them. The vehicles built by or with the participation of the Student Scientific Circle of Materials Science very often take part in the events organized by the Lublin Classics by Night. In fact, one could discuss their classic character, maybe apart from Praga and the MPG-69 Tank Trainer, which was mass-produced in Poland, but most of the vehicles show some classic accents (ŻUK 6x6, the caterpillar Syrena, Trabaktor).

The events of the Lublin Classics by Night gather hundreds of participants and guests, and many of these people are potential candidates for our studies. Our campus is clearly visible from the place of the events, with its LUT neon. Soon, the LUT’s vehicles as well as other vehicles that visit the Lublin Classics by Night events, will be available at the Science Picnic of the Lublin Science Festival on September 19, at the Centre for Meeting of Cultures in Lublin and on September 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the LUT’s ‘Rdzewiak’ (Centre for Innovation and Advanced Technologies).

 Leszek Gardyński

Fot. LG and Lublin Classics by Night