September 8, 2021

LUT and Enea Innovation will work on the technology of utilization of photovoltaic panels

Scientists from Lublin University of Technology, together with specialists from Enea Innovation will jointly participate in research and development projects aimed at reducing industrial waste. Our university and the company which belongs to the Enea Group signed a cooperation agreement on August 31, 2021. One of the challenges will be to develop a technology for the utilization of photovoltaic panels.

Out of concern for nature and in accordance with environmental guidelines, a technology for the utilization of photovoltaic panels will be developed as well as a method of fly ash management from biomass co-combustion. Technological solutions obtained as a result of research and scientific work will contribute to the improvement of the quality of the natural environment. The goal is to use industrial waste in such a way so that it can be reused in production processes. The cooperation agreement in this area was signed by Prof. Zbigniew Pater, rector of LUT and Jacek Dziuba, president of Enea Innovation.

Lublin University of Technology is a technical university and the commercialization of scientific research is the direction we should follow. Therefore, signing the contract with Enea Innovation is an important step towards close cooperation between science and the economic environment. The topics that we will implement together are very interesting and can bring benefits not only to our institutions, but also to the industry and the environment in the form of the implementation of the developed solutions - said Prof. Zbigniew Pater.

Prof. Wojciech Franus, vice-rector for science, talked about the issues that will be realized: We want to start our cooperation by developing a technology for the utilization of photovoltaic panels in terms of recycling the entire panels to produce aggregates used in construction. Apart from that, we will focus on selective economy, i.e. separating individual elements, e.g. silicon glass, and using it to produce a new generation of panels. We will also deal with the management of fly ashes generated in the process of biomass combustion. We intend to develop various types of micronutrient carriers and fertilizers that could be used to improve the natural environment and soil reclamation. We also see a good perspective for the use of volatile aggregates in construction and new technologies in the energy sector. We would like to test this type of innovation together with Enea.

Enea Innovation, as a business partner, will be a significant support for LUT. We are a practical company and therefore we need specific technological solutions that can be used in business. We have funds for such solutions and we also have a large market of individual and industrial clients. The technology obtained from the cooperation with LUT would be used in the first place in our area - emphasized Adam Klinert, managing director of Enea.

The role and importance of recycling waste and industrial equipment was also emphasized by the representatives of the Enea Group.

The renewable energy sector requires constant development based on the latest technologies, which will allow for the even better use of its potential in the future. At the same time, our task is to take care of the natural environment and search for the solutions that meet the criteria of a circular economy, including the management of worn-out devices when they are replaced by more modern technologies. I am convinced that the cooperation between Enea Innovation and Lublin University of Technology will bring innovative solutions supporting the development of the renewable energy sector in Poland - said PaweĊ‚ Szczeszek, president of Enea.

Our goal is to achieve the end result in the form of creating, implementing and applying innovations in the field of broadly understood power engineering. I am convinced that such an opportunity will be created by establishing cooperation with Lublin University of Technology and its scientists - emphasized Jacek Dziuba, president of Enea Innovation.

Enea Innovation is a company from the Enea Group dealing with innovations, including capital investments in projects at an early stage of business development (startups) as well as research and development activities. Enea Innovation is looking for innovative solutions that will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and will use the latest technological possibilities to optimize and increase the efficiency of the energy system. Thematic areas in which Enea Innovation is looking for modern business and technological solutions are primarily: circular economy, energy storage, new renewable energy technologies, electro mobility, smart city, Big Data, artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things as well as customer service.