September 7, 2021

LUT at the Military Training Ground Near Warsaw

On August 27-28, 2021, five vehicles ‘Made in Politechnika’- made by or with the participation of the Student Scientific Circle of Materials Science - took part in a military picnic at the military training ground in Wesoła (near Warsaw). The organizers of the event were the Foundation for the Promotion of the Capital City of Warsaw and the First Warsaw Armored Brigade named after Tadeusz Kościuszko. Lublin University of Technology presented its Buggy 4x4, Żuk 6x6, Rysiek 8x8, MPG-69 Tank Trainer as well as its tracked Syrena, which is still under construction. In addition to our equipment, Leopard 2A5 tanks were presented as well as other modern and historical vehicles, including Star 266 which took part in the Paris- Dakar Rally, presented by the team from Starachowice. The vehicles were shown at static exhibitions and while moving along the sandy tactical lane. Our ‘toys’ were able to move through the tank ruts without any problems. Small arms were also displayed and various shooting and grenade throwing competitions were held. Our vehicles enjoyed great popularity, maybe second to the tanks. We received numerous praises among others from the employees of the Military Institute of Armored and Automotive Technology and the First Brigade’s soldiers.

Fot. L. Gardyński, R. Piątek