March 11, 2020

The regulation No.R-19/2020 of the Rector of Lublin University of Technology from the 11th of March 2020

The regulation No.R-19/2020

of the Rector of Lublin University of Technology

from the 11th of March 2020

regarding the prevention of spreading of the virus COVID-19

among the community of Lublin University of Technology

            On the basis of the art. 30 of the LUT statutes and the law of 2 March 2020 about specific solutions connected  with the prevention, counteraction and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (Journal of Laws 2020, position 374), I order what follows:



§ 1.

1.     The open events: conferences, symposiums, lectures, shows, artistic performances and other meetings of this type organised by LUT as well as events organised by the people outside of LUT on the territory of LUT are cancelled.

2.     Business trips abroad and the participation in national employees, PhDs, students and participants of the postgraduates studies of University are withheld.

3.     Arrivals of foreign visitors to the LUT are withheld.

4.     Quartering of new people in LUT dormitories is withheld and visitors from the outside of these buildings are not allowed.

5.     The rules set in § 1 apply till the day of 29th March 2020 included.



§ 2.


1.     All forms of classes for students, PhDs and participants of the postgraduates studies are cancelled starting from the 12th day of March 2020..

2.     Classes will be made up in the term agreed between students, units managers

 and faculties’ deans.

3.     Direct office hours for students are cancelled. Office hours will be conducted on the phone or electronically.

4.     The LUT Centre of the Science and Technology Information is closed for readers.

5.     Rules determined in § 2 apply till the day of 29th March 2020 included.



§ 3.

1.     Employees, students and PhDs are obliged to immediately inform on the phone or electronically about the suspected case of getting a disease caused by coronavirus or the fact of being taken into quarantine respectively:

-       in the case of employees – unit managers

-       in the case of PhDs – chairmen of science councils

-       in the case of students - vice-deans for students affairs

2.     Unit managers, chairmen of science councils and chairmen of science councils are obliged to transmit above information without unnecessary delay to the Rector.



§ 4.


1.     In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, unit manager can on his own or at the request of the employee order to do their job determined in the employment contract remotely, particularly when:

1)    there exists a risk of the coronavirus infection of the employee as a result of the contact with infected person or a person suspected of being infected;

2)    employee who recently stayed in the regions of coronavirus spreading;

3)    the health state of the employee has gotten worse and the symptoms characteristic for the coronavirus infections have appeared

4)    in other cases determined in the instructions of Chief Sanitary Inspectorate


2.     Unit manager and employee agree on the scope and duration of remote working. This period cannot exceed 14 days single.



§ 5.


It is necessary to

respect the instructions of Chief Sanitary Inspectorate regarding basic protective measures against coronavirus COVID-19

2.     In the inside university communication it is recommended to make use of correspondence by mail and phone and to restrict direct contacts.

3.     The chairman of organisational entity is obliged to:

1)    to daily get familiar with current statements given by Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and LUT;

2)    stay in touch with the employee and control the effects of the remote work;

3)    report about the situation to the employer.

4.     Rules set in § 5 apply until cancelled.


§ 6.

            Rector may decide individually in the situations undetermined in this regulation.


§ 7.

            The regulation comes into force on the day of signature.