August 23, 2021

The Portal in Litewski Square stays with us longer!

Portal, the exceptional project, stays with us in Litewski Square until October 31. This concrete object resembling a virtual door, enables a real-time observation and allows a mutual interaction between Lublin and Vilnius inhabitants.

Day by day, Portal involves cultural events, meetings and genuine, positive emotions. It is a place where cities join together, and the project itself promotes dialogue and communication. Thus, we become closer to each other. Moreover, the initiative creates opportunity to present in the capital of Lithuania Lublin projects involving active participation of inhabitants on both sides - says Beata Stepaniuk-KuĊ›mierzak, Deputy Mayor of Lublin for Culture, Sport and Participation.

The Portal has become extremely and genuinely popular among the inhabitants of both cities and engaged the attention of media worldwide. Moving up to the present, over 200 articles on the Portal have been published in traditional and online versions by renowned media companies, such as the BBC and Reuters. Posts and videos on the Lublin-Vilnius project have received hundreds of thousands of views and likes and shares altogether.

Source of image: The Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives "Crossroads"