August 20, 2021

Our scientists at the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Three scientists from Lublin University of Technology have joined the group of members of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), one of the most prestigious scientific and artistic organizations in Europe: Professor Małgorzata Pawłowska, Professor Wojciech Franus and Professor Zbigniew Pater.

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA) is an international non-governmental organization established in 1990. It associates over 2,000 scientists - representatives of the humanities, medicine, arts, natural sciences, social sciences (including law and economy), technology and religion, who are at the same time management people conducting innovative research, engaging in interdisciplinary and transnational cooperation, as well as exchange and dissemination of knowledge.

The aim of EASA is to analyze and solve problems of the European community and to support pan-European scientific and artistic creativity, in cooperation with academic, governmental, non-governmental and business circles.

Poland is represented at EASA by a group of outstanding scientists from various scientific disciplines and currently Lublin University of Technology is represented by the following professors: Paweł Droździel, Marzanna Dudzińska, Wojciech Franus, Zbigniew Pater, Małgorzata Pawłowska, Artur Pawłowski, Lucjan Pawłowski and Waldemar Wójcik.

Election for an EASA member is a long process consisting of: nomination by another EASA member, evaluation of the candidacy by several other EASA members and finally, acceptance by the EASA Senate. The selection criteria are the candidate's outstanding achievements in science, arts and management.