July 2, 2021

New device 'Made in Politechnika'


Yesterday during Lubelskie Klasyki Nocą event, a new tracked vehicle built by the science Club Studenckie Koło Naukowe Inżynierii Materiałowej was presented for the first time. RUDY 105B, the Syrena on caterpillars, is another of our dozen or so devices. In fact, another universal, multi-task tracked platform this time, the Syrena's body is our automotive prank, 8 bolts on and easy to replace. The main goal is to build a reliable driving and tracking system, which we are constantly improving. The work is supported by RID and the vice-dean, Ph.D. Tomasz Jachowicz, who coordinates scientific Clubs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. RUDY caused a sensation yesterday, both in the static version and while driving, which had a wide impact on social media.

Link to photo gallery