June 10, 2021

Walk around the campus with Eduardo Sánchez García

On May 25, 2021, Eduardo Sánchez García, a PhD student at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, University of Alicante (Spain), employed as an assistant at the university, completed his 100-day PhD internship.

He completed his internship at the Faculty of Management, Lublin University of Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Jolanta Słoniec, the head of the Department of Enterprise Organization. The aim of the internship was to finalize the doctoral dissertation and to establish scientific and research cooperation with the employees of our University. The goals have been achieved.

Prof. J. Słoniec will soon take part in the public defense of Eduardo Sánchez García's dissertation at the University of Alicante as an Ordinary Member of the Doctoral Commission.

The material is available on YouTube with Polish and English subtitles.