May 31, 2021

Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour starts in Lublin!

Czesław Lang, General Director at the Tour de Pologne, presented the route of the Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour 2021. The 78th edition Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour will be held from 9 to 15 August.

The race will surprise you with freshness and novelty, this year. With regards to the competition itself, it will be very demanding - says Czesław Lang.

The cyclists will start on August 9 in Lublin and end on August 15 in Krakow.

We have proposed a few alternations compared to the recent years. The route is the first one - emphasized the CEO of Lang Team.

Stage 1 Lublin – Chełm (route animation)

Starting in Lublin, the cyclists will spend three days in the eastern part of Poland, where the World Tour peloton has not raced yet. The first stage will be rather hilly and will roll through wide-ranging hills and unspoiled nature. The finish line awaits the athletes in Chełm.

Stage 2 Zamość – Przemyśl

Stage 2 will already be a bit hillier as riders will make their way from Zamość to Przemyśl.

Stage 3 Sanok – Rzeszów

This phase will be a perfect day for the sprinters and will start from Sanok and end in Rzeszów.

Stage 4 Tarnów-Bukovina Resort

It starts from Tarnow and finishes at the Bukovina Resort after having challenged 160.5 km.

Step 5 Chochołów/Gmina Czarny Dunajec – Bielsko-Biała

The fifth stage is expected to be the hardest in the whole 78th edition of the Tour de Pologne. The riders will face almost a 173 km long stage from Chochołów village to the town of Bielsko Biała.

Stage 6 Katowice – Katowice

The sixth stage will be entirely dedicated to the time trialists.

Stage 7 Zabrze – Kraków

The 2021 edition starts in Zabrze and ends in the splendid setting of Krakow.

The Tour de Pologne is a road bicycle racing stage race. It consists of seven or eight stages and is usually around 1,200 km in length. The race was first held in 1928.