May 27, 2021

International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE – Jan. 25-28, 2022 Havana, Cuba

Fifth International Conference  FOR WORLD BALANCE “With all and for the good of all”

January 25-28, 2022 Havana, Cuba


The José Martí Project for World Solidarity

This  project  is sponsored  by  the  United  Nations  Educational,  Scientific  and  Cultural  Organization  (UNESCO)  since  its creation  in  2003,  and  has  been  supported  by  the  Organization of Ibero-American States for Science, Education and Culture (OEI) and other international institutions.  It is coordinated by the Jose Marti Programme Office of Cuba (OPM), and during almost two decades of work this Project has shown having a worldwide scope  through  several  initiatives.  For  instance,  the  UNESCO  /  José  Martí  International  Prize, and a large international movement aimed at disseminating the legacy of the Cuban Apostle of Independence and National Hero and supporting UNESCO’s priorities.


We call upon all people of good will: intellectuals, artists, politicians and activists, as well as educators,  writers,  journalists,  fighters  for  social  justice,  political,  trade-union and religious leaders, members of scientific, feminist, young, farmer and environmental non-governmental organizations, etc. driven by principles of justice and equity. We intend to make of this plural and multidisciplinary thinking forum a platform for raising awareness across the international public opinion of the ills afflicting the humankind and endangering the very existence of our species.

In  the  previous  edition,  about  a  thousand  delegates  from  63  countries  attended  this  Conference from January 28-31st, 2019 in Havana, Cuba. This time, the Fifth International Conference  FOR  THE  BALANCE  OF  THE  WORLD  "With  all  and  for  the  good  of  all"  is dedicated to commemorate the 169th Anniversary of José Martí’s birth, a great universal thinker of deep humanist, anti-imperialist, ethical and social  justice  convictions. It will also address the most pressing global problems currently affecting the Humankind. 

This International Conference remains an extension of the debates of the World Congress on  Humanities  held  in  August  2017  in  Liege,  Belgium,  sponsored  by  UNESCO  and  the  International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies.

A  wide  range  of  topics  will  be  covered  during keynote lectures,  special  remarks,  commissions,  panels,  workshops,  a  youth  forum  and  other  forms of  reflection, as it is appropriate  of  a plural and multidisciplinary forum of this kind and size. As usual, the event will have a broad agenda that will include the following topics:

·       Experiences resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic

·       Dialogue and cultural diversity

·       Role and challenges of social movements

·       Need for solidarity

·       The imperative struggle for peace and nuclear disarmament

·       The problem of water in all its aspects

·       Risks and hopes generated by the new information technologies (ICT)

·       Fake news, ethics and social media

·       Responsibilities of journalism in the current situation

·       The ecosystem and its protection

·       Cultural policies and national identity

·       Arts and letters, particularly poetry to foster spirituality and a culture of resistance

·       Multilateralism as an indispensable mechanism for world balance

·       Integration as a need to face the challenges of modern world

·       Sustainable development and social equity

·       Hunger and food security

·       Education and human rights in the 21st century

·       The struggle against all forms of discrimination

·       Gender equality in its true and real expression

·       Trade unions in the light of neoliberal globalization

·       Religious diversity, ecumenism and spirituality

·       The problem of drug consumption and drug trafficking

·       The role of youth and new generations: present and future

·       The fight against terrorism in all its forms, including state terrorism

·       Building a participatory and effective democracy

·       Justice as the beacon of the moral world

·       Contributions of Latin-American thinking from Simón Bolívar and José Martí to the most relevant modern thinkers


VENUE AND LANGUAGES: The Conference will be held at the Havana Conference Center, Cuba. The official languages will be Spanish, English and Portuguese, and in the plenary, there will be simultaneous interpretation in French and Russian as well.  

PAPERS REGISTRATION: Those who want to participate as speakers must register their papers with the Organizing Committee before November 30, 2021, including the paper’s title, the author's details and an abstract of 100 words maximum (Arial 12), specifying which audiovisual device would be required for their presentation.

CONFERENCE MEMOIRES: At the end of this forum, a book will be published in digital format to be distributed in universities and across the wide network of Contacts of the José Martí Project for World Solidarity.  Therefore,  those  who  register  as  speakers  are  asked to submit their whole papers.

CREDITS:  Delegates  registered  as  speakers  or  participants  will  be  given  diplomas accrediting the corresponding academic credits, according to international standards.


Delegates - 120.00 USD

Undergraduate students - 70.00 USD (show supporting document)

Escorts - 50.00 USD

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