May 26, 2021

Award for a Doctoral Dissertation

Dr. Eng. Paulina Jamińska-Gadomska from Lublin University of Technology won the 48th edition of the competition for the Award of the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology for her doctoral dissertation entitled "Analysis of the Wind Impact on the Building Scaffolding System". The thesis supervisor was Prof. Tomasz Lipecki and it was defended with distinction.

- The work has a very high scientific value, modern research tools were used in it, the results are useful in practice, and taking into account the high costs of accidents related to the use of scaffoldings at construction sites, it is also of great economic importance - emphasizes Prof. Tomasz Lipecki from Lublin University of Technology, PhD promoter.

- First, I conducted a field research to measure wind speed and direction using ultrasonic sensors. I did the research on a natural scale on several dozen facade scaffoldings erected in various regions of Poland. Then I made computational simulations. They concerned the change in the wind impact on the scaffolding structure depending on such factors as: the angle of the wind flow, the distance between the scaffolding and the building, the degree of reflection of building details, the load level on the scaffolding posts and the change in airflow caused by the presence of the scaffolding at the building - says Dr. Eng. Paulina Jamińska-Gadomska from the Department of Structural Mechanics.

The research has shown that the forces coming from the actual wind load differ significantly in the direction, turn and value of those recommended in the standards. Underestimating the wind load may lead to exceeding the load capacity in the scaffolding elements and, consequently, to a building disaster. Scaffolding failures caused by the wind impact will be less likely to occur if the scaffolding fitters and structural engineers are aware of the consequences of using or not using specific solutions, e.g. in anchoring.

- As a result of her work, the author proposed important recommendations for modeling and anchoring frame scaffoldings, which can directly affect the safety of such structures and the safety of people working on them. It turned out, among others, that the shape of the building has a decisive influence on the wind load - informs Prof. Tomasz Lipecki, PhD promoter.

    Who is the laureate?

Dr. Eng. Paulina Jamińska-Gadomska works at the Department of Structural Mechanics, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, LUT. In 2019 she received a doctorate in technical sciences in the field of construction. Her research work is related to natural-scale research, numerical analyzes of the impact of wind on building structures (e.g. scaffolding) and analyzes of scaffolding load-bearing capacity and dynamics of buildings. She is the author of 27 articles (15 related to the subject of scaffolding), monographs and 9 fragments of monographs. She is also a member of the Polish Association of Wind Engineering, Polish Society of Computer Methods in Mechanics and Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

Source: freepik